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1995 Megaforce Records - CDVEST 66

"Greatest Hits Volume One"
01. Noize
02. Aren't You Hungry
03. Spandex Enormity
04. A.I.D.S.
05. Hate Tank
06. Goldfish
07. Surfin' U.S.A.
08. Surf's Up
09. Mr. Oofus
10. No Glove No Love
11. True Colors | [VIDEO]
12. Livin' In The City
13. Get Up And Dance
14. Rhymestein
15. Irresponsible
16. Rally (N.Y.C.)
17. The Ballad Of Dio
18. Bubble Butt
19. Short But Sweet
20. Ode To Harry
21. Vents | [VIDEO]
22. Theme Song
23. Bonanza
24. Buckshot Blues
25. Clubbin' Seals
26. US Dreams
27. He's Dead Jim
28. Get The Boot
29. Color My World

VOCALS: Billy Milano
GUITAR: Tim McMurtrie, Louis Svitek Jr., Billy Milano, John Pereksta, Joe Young
ACOUSTIC: Scott Ian, Joe Young
DRUMS: Keith Davis, Dave Chavarri, Tim Mallare, Darren Verpeut
BASS: Ken Balone, John Monte, Billy Milano, John Pereksta, Rob Moschetti
ASSORTED VOCALS: Billy Milano, Tim McMurtrie, Scott Ian, Louis Svitek Jr., John Monte, Kerry Whitig, Rob Hunter, Danny Stillwell, Steve Evetts, Joe Young, Damen Verpeut, Guertz (Van Zant), Ernie Schaeffer, Alex Perialas, Laurie Hunter, Marsha Zazula, Jon Zazula

Producers: Alex Perialas, Scott Ian, Steve Evetts, Ernie Schaeffer, Billy Milano, Rob Hunter
Editing by Rob 'Wacko' Hunter at Pyramid Studios DMS, Ithaca, N.Y.
Front cover illustration by Anthony Ferrara




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