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M.O.D. | The Rebel You Love To Hate
2003 Nuclear Blast GmbH NB 131-2

01. Wigga | [VIDEO]
02. The Rebel You Love To Hate
03. Makin' Friends Is Fun
04. De Men Of Stein
05. Rage Against The Mac Machine
06. Get Ready
07. Ass-Ghanistan
08. He's Dead Jim
09. Get Ready (almost live kinda)
10. Rebel (808)
11. Rage (Radio edit)
12. Wigga (Radio edit)
13. Rebel (Radio edit)

Billy Milano - Bass guitar & vocals
Joe Affe - Guitars
Danny Burkhardt - Drums

Produced by Paul Crook and Billy Milano
Engineered by Erin Farley
Additional engineering by Tim Gilles
Vocals tracked by Paul Crook
Additional production: Scott Metaxes
Mixed by Billy Milano and Dan Korneff at Watermusic Studio, Hoboken, N.J.
Music and lyrics by Billy Milano
'He's Dead Jim' written by The Function Idiots
Basic tracks recorded at Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City, N.J.
Cover art and concept by Vinny Keene, Joe Affe, Billy Milano & Joe Darone

Release date U.S.: May 20th 2003
Release date Europe: June 2nd 2003




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- This song is for Onno -

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