Greeting M.O.D./S.O.D. fans. Billy Milano here. M.O.D. is in the final stages of writing a brand new ripping record. I had a few offers from some labels. But in the end, the offers were nothing more than worthless bullshit.

I have done M.O.D. for 26 years. And I have always made a record that I was proud of. Now I want to make this record that I have been working very hard on for the last 6 months. That is where you fans come in. I have always helped out many bands and musicians. And now I am asking my fans, OUR FANS, for donations to help make this record a reality. M.O.D. is currently getting ready to leave for our European tour as I type this.

In return, I am offering you a very real NYHC Punk record that will be the best M.O.D. record I have ever done. And believe me, it is!!! The record will be available as a FREE download to all the M.O.D. fans in the world. Or would you just rather have another Justin Bieber record?

Peace and respect as always.
March on!


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