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 RECORD UPDATES   Tuesday, December 22, 2015
An update by Billy!

OK so here is a brief update.. M.O.D. is back in the studio working on guitar tracks. We have 3 songs left to do on monday when I will finalize all the basic tracks. I am preparing to go into the studio in January and address the vocals resign, some and redo back ground vocals. I have the art almost complete and will release the record for the fans old and new for free on several websites. It will also be available through cd baby.

Jason pretty much wrapped up the guitars tonight. Just one more day to proof stuff, double check stuff and see how it works with all the vocals. Jason who plays guitars for the Bulimics did an amazing job. It was what the songs needed.. I will have a studio update and an interview with Jason available soon.. STOKED!

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 VIDEO UPDATE   Saturday, November 29, 2015

Interview with bassplayer Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

M.O.D. in the studio, recording the new album 'Busted, Broke and American'. Billy introduces the guys he currently works with in the studio and interviews bassplayer Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

Watch it here

 VIDEO UPDATE   Sunday, November 22, 2015

M.O.D. is currently recording the basstracks for 'Busted, Broke and American'.

Here's a short video update of Tank tracking bass for the new record.

 RECORD UPDATE   Sunday, October 18, 2015

Billy Milano just finished his first update for M.O.D.'s new record.

A video-update on the upcoming album 'Busted, Broke and American'!

 UPDATE   Thursday, August 6, 2015

The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Billy Milano (S.O.D./M.O.D.)

The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/Billy Milano (S.O.D./ M.O.D./ The Psychos). While shooting "The Crossover" segment of The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film they managed to slip in 10 questions with the infamous frontman.
Directed by Drew Stone

 UPDATE   Monday, June 10, 2015

An update from Billy

Billy Milano alive and well. I think an explanation of what transpired this last couple of months that convinced me it was best to fire the band, stop working on the record and get home to Austin Texas and regroup my thoughts and my energy so it would be focused on completing the new MOD record to its fullest potential. I am planning to finish the MOD record, 'BUSTED, BROKE and AMERICAN' at home where the pressure of time and budget don't weigh on my shoulders all fucking day long.

Several fans have contacted me and asked if I intend to finish the record and the answer is yes, but I am going to do it the way I want to do it to make it reflex the spirit of the music and band history. I was and still am not happy with what we recorded. I hated my vocals and I remain unconvinced of all the performances on the recording. Lots of part for the songs we left out due to lack of focus and money. I am going to do it right or not at all.
I am planning on regrouping for next summer to tour it in Europe if we don't have ww3? (lets hope not). To tour this summer with band members I wound up regretting working with for a record that I would not be happy with is pointless.

I am truly sorry for canceling all the shows with Doomstar but I just can't go up and fake happiness. I hope the festivals rebook us for next year 2016. Something tells me they will understand my situation when they get this. Lets hope for a great record and a return to Europe in 2016.

Sincerely, Billy..


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