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February 4, 2014
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Why has it taken you more than 20 years to appear back in Europe? As I think the last time you came on tour here was in 1994. BM:  I only play for fun. I never took my carreer serious and only truly tour when I feel like. MOD haven't toured since 1994, I guess I just don’t like touring and only do it when I get in the mood. I do however enjoy it when I do it.  I despise flying!

Could you explain what is the current line up of MOD and why did you decide to come back on the stage? Could you advance more or less what the setlist of this upcoming European tour will be? BM: No setlist, the classics. MOD consists of Scott Sargeant on bass. (SKINLAB-KILLING CULTURE and Formerly MOD Guitarist for the RED, WHITE and SCREWED  record.) Mike Deleon on guitar (Flesh Horder and Disfigured) and Mike Arellano on drums (Will to live - Indisgust). A very hardcore line up. Raw , Heavy  and Mean.

Billy Milano, when did your music passion begin and the energy to form a rock band? What memories do you have from SOD? Any anecdote? BM: Saw the Ramones live and that was it. I had always played live music starting when I was 14 but punk rock was where my heart was, is and always will be.

How did the idea of forming MOD come up and what brought you to decide this name and band logo? BM: MOD was formed in 1983 when I was playing bass in the New York Hardcore band the PSYCHOS. I replaced Roger Miret on bass who went on to sing for Agnostic Front. It's only after SOD was put together and made a record did I want to do MOD as a real band and not a side project. I actually joined a band called Angry Corpse and wrote the USA for MOD record.

What bands have influenced MOD throughout its musical career? BM: No one band ever influenced me to te point that I copied or drew on what they did for inspiration. But if someone goes on stage has an attitude and owns that stage, That is a huge influence. Kicking ass and taking names.... that is inspiring.

What do you think about the crossover movement in the USA at that time? People were really happy to join with the hardcorepunk  and thrash metal? BM: I don’t really follow music scene shit. I could care less what is popular and what is considered hardcore or metal or thrash. I love music. If I hear something I like I don’t say but wait that's not metal, hardcore or thrash. I just say I like it. End of story.

You could say that the most hardcorepunk/crossover MOD record up to date is "USA for MOD". Could you explain how was the experience of gettin signed by Megaforce Records and some stories about the first concerts did you do? BM: I remember meeting Tim McMurtrie the guitarist and he asked me to try out for his band. At the time I was playing hardcore and bouncing at CBGB’s . I loved being home with my friends and having fun. I did a demo with them and we got signed for 7,000 dollars. We spent 5 making the record and 2000 eating and drinking. Lol. I had fun and to be honest I wish it would have stayed fun.  John and Marsha Zazula who back then owned Megaforce were awesome people. I later found out as we did MOD what scumbags they really were. I recently caught Johnny Z red handed STEALING SOD Publishing from Attack of the killer bees done by Shit-Thrax. One of the worst thing about the music industry is how much these people steal and lie to you face. Joh and Marsha Zazula are lying scumbags!!! First MOD show was with Megadeth and the Crumbsuckers at the Ritz in nyc.

Why did you choose to do a surf cover album called “Surfin' MOD”? BM: It was honestly a way to get the new lineup in the studio together before we did a full length record. That record would turn out to be GROSS MISCONDUCT named after my first band when I was 14.

With “Gross Misconduct” and then “Rhythm of Fear”, you decided to do a more crossover thrash metal similar to bands like Anthrax and Nuclear Assault. Why did you decide to take this path? Anecdote of the tour you did? BM: I think its just what we wanted to do. I rarely use the same musicians on records. I  like to bring new people into the music industry and give them a schooling. I like feeling like I contributed to helping music by helping unknown musicians record and tour. GROSS MISCONDUCT touring was fun. Lots of girls, lots of beers and lots of fights. Never toured on RHYTHM of FEAR.

Billy explain what is the process followed while doing the lyrics , sometimes politically incorrect and others with a large sense of homour (which defines you). BM: I think the fact that I am very well read, very well informed on social and political issues and I try to hide this message in my music by being funny or offensive is what defines the music itself. Not many people understand BILLY MILANO is a character I perform as. Like Hulk hogan and wrestling. Its entertainment. Al Pachino was not the Godather and he was never Scarface. These are characters he portrayed as an actor/entertainer. Same on my end.

I saw your last album is “Red White and Screwed” back in 2007, do you plan on recording a new album soon? BM: I loved that record. Played the bass on it. We are going to do a new MOD record. Self funded through Information for donatations on our facebook page. If MOD fans really want a new record, donate 5 or 10 bucks. Its almost all written and its a fucking crushing hardcore punk record. True to REAL  New York Hardcore. You can't be HARDCORE without recognising HARDCORE-PUNK.

Billy, recently ,you decided to make a 360º change in your life regarding your lifestyle, and you even became vegetarian. What led you to this decision? BM: You know, It started with moving to Austin Texas. I love AUSTIN. I love my DOGS, my FRIENDS and my life. I am truly blessed with life and I feel like having some fun with MOD is going to add to the enjoyment. I get off of being vegetarian once in a while but most I am . 3 years in the 80’s 4 years most recently. I gave up drinking 6 years ago. I recently lost my Boy Buster (My Male American Bulldog) and best touring buddy to cancer. It was horrible. As an animal activist it was devastating. I loved Buster. I recently Adopted 2 female Bullmastiff Chocaolate lab mixes. So I take care of 4 dogs. Bruford (Blue Lacey) - Emma Lee (American Bulldog) and Sweet Sugar and Sophia Mia (Newley Adopted Bullmastiff mixes). Don’t shop ADOPT-RESCUE-FOSTER... please.

Could you explain what is your opinion about the political and the global economic crisis that is happening in this world we live in today? BM: It is manufactured. Don’t ever think that RICH people will let your vote away their wealth. I personally believe America is going to have a holocoust on an unprecendented level. Europe will collapse and we will see ww3. And THAT'S why I am going to come over and have fun. Meet the fans, speak with the fans and wish the luck and love with their lives. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am....

"Our spiritual power has been outrun by our scientific power, we have guided missles and misguided men."
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